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About CareAware

The role of the unpaid, family caregiver can be isolating and confusing. Whether you are new to the role and feeling overwhelmed with a host of responsibilities that are unfamiliar or intimidating, or you have been a caregiver for a while but are open to learning new insights, resources and practical advice, we welcome you.

CareAware’s Help and Hope for Family Caregivers, is a six-part video series and accompanying workbook to help meet the emotional, physical and logistical demands of caregiving. Each video features interviews with subject matter experts and real life family caregivers.

This resource is designed for use in caregiver support groups, but is also available for webinars, classes, community presentations and individual viewing. We offer this free for private, non-commercial use, because we know that family caregivers need this information to remain healthy and to provide proper care for their loved one.